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June 2019

This month, we cover the causes and solutions to conflict in the workplace, review the new EEO-1 pay data reporting requirements, and show you how to calculate overtime during workweeks with paid holidays.

New Jersey Law Alert – New Jersey Minimum Wage and Family Leave Act Changes

New Jersey Minimum Wage and Family Leave Act Changes

Minimum Wage: The minimum wage in New Jersey will begin increasing this July and continue until it reaches $15 per hour in 2024. The first increase will take place on July 1 and will raise the minimum wage from the current $8.85 per hour to $10.00 per hour. The base wage for tipped employees will also increase, through 2022. The increase schedule is as follows, with tipped employee base wages in parenthesis:

May 2019

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter! This month’s edition features an article on what you need to know before disciplining or terminating an employee so that you don’t end up in a legal danger zone. You can also read about the interactive process and the DOL’s relatively new unpaid intern test. Finally, we [...]

April 2019

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter! This month, we’re excited to introduce a new format to the newsletter that will enable us to feature more content and make it easier for you to find the information that’s most relevant and valuable to you. Please take a look! How to Make Meetings with Remote [...]

March 2019

Have you heard about the phenomenon of employees “ghosting” their employers? In this month’s edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter, we look at this unfortunate phenomenon, why it’s happening, and what employers can do to prevent it. We also have some spring-cleaning tips for the office and a reminder about OSHA reporting. As always, thank [...]

February 2019

You're reading the February 2019 edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we cover the epidemic of loneliness in the workplace and what employers can do about it, remind you about OSHA reporting, and bring you up to speed on the latest news concerning a minimum salary increase for exempt employees. Thank you for [...]

January 2019

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter! We’re beginning the new year with an overview of progressive discipline and how you can use it to reduce risk, a reminder about new state and municipal minimum wages taking effect, and a rundown of the Executive Exemption from minimum wage and overtime. Risk Reduction Through Progressive [...]

December 2018

Welcome to the December edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we review the federal and state employment laws every growing organization should know about, explain why you can’t prohibit discussions by employees about their wages, and cover the importance of having and using an employee handbook. Thank you for reading! The Employment Laws [...]

November 2018

You’re reading the November edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we explain why so many managers are uncomfortable talking with their employees and what you can do about it. Next, we provide some tips on allowing workplace chit-chat while keeping it to a minimum. Finally, we review recent statistics from the EEOC on [...]

October 2018

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter. In this month’s edition, we explain how to increase diversity in your recruiting and hiring process, how to conduct a termination meeting, and when you are required to pay for an unauthorized break. How to Increase Diversity in Your Recruiting and Hiring Process The recruiting and hiring [...]

September 2018

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter. Below you can read about the best ways to retain employees, the importance of having documentation to support a termination, and the benefits that plants can bring to your workplace. Worried About Retention? The Best Way to Keep Employees Is to Be Useful to Them According to [...]

August 2018

Welcome the August 2018 edition of the HR Advisor. In this month’s newsletter, we have the final article in our series on workplace culture, an overview of Section 7 of the NLRA and what it means for your organization, and a reminder that most states have their own list of protected classes. Thank you for [...]

New Jersey Law Update – Paid Sick Leave

New Jersey has become the 10th state to adopt mandatory paid sick leave. It goes into effect on October 29, 2018. The state sick leave law overrules all municipal ordinances, which will have no force and effect after October 29th. Employers who already have a leave policy in place (including those based on a municipal [...]

July 2018

We’re excited to present to you the July 2018 edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. Our topics for this month are the fundamentals of performance management, the steps to evaluating your culture, and the reason why you shouldn’t keep all employee information in the same place. Thank you for reading! The Fundamentals of Performance Management [...]

June 2018

We have two articles for you in this month’s HR Advisor Newsletter. The first article explains why paid sick leave is becoming more popular and how the sick leave laws so far are similar. The second article continues our series on workplace culture. Here we show you how to identify your current workplace culture so [...]

May 2018

Welcome to the May edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we explain why courts, states, and employers are focused on pay equity, when you’re not allowed to take a deduction from an exempt employee’s salary, and how the latest federal budget amended the Fair Labor Standards Act. Thank you for reading! Why Courts, [...]

April 2018

Welcome to the April edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we examine a concrete and practical approach to workplace culture—and what you can do to create a workplace that runs the way you want it to run. Our “Tip of the Month” has some good advice in keeping shared spaces clean and orderly. [...]

February 2018

Welcome to the February edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month’s featured article will show you how to coach your employees effectively. We also have reminders about OSHA recordkeeping and the new test for unpaid interns. Finally, we explain how diversity benefits your bottom line. Thank you for reading! Three Tips for Effective Coaching [...]

December 2017

Welcome to the December edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we look at ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, the meaning of “good faith effort,” and when you should start paying an increased minimum wage. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Last year, nearly 27,000 charges of sexual harassment were filed [...]

November 2017

In this month’s HR Advisor Newsletter, we’re focusing on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Check out the article on the federal law’s most important terms and the news brief on a recent court case related to the ADA. We also discuss the high cost of ADA claims and some tips for avoiding discriminatory language [...]

October 2017

Welcome to the October edition of the HR Advisor. This month we teach you how to conduct stay interviews, remind you of recent employment law news, and examine the requirements for classifying workers as independent contractors. Stay Interviews In last month’s Advisor, we discussed the reasons for conducting exit interviews. When employees leave, the exit [...]

September 2017

Welcome to the September edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we go over the formats, questions, and uses of exit interviews, as well as the proper way to calculate overtime. How Conducting Exit Interviews Can Help You Increase Retention The exit interview is a conversation with a departing employee about their time at [...]

August 2017

Welcome to the August edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we look at how to get results from your team-building activities and whether you can reduce the pay of exempt employees. We also cover the new I-9 form and OSHA's new reporting website. How to Get Results From Your Team Building Activities At [...]

July 2017

Welcome to the July HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we provide guidance on increasing employee engagement, an explainer on the EEOC, and a tip about multi-tasking (hint: it’s not possible). Content Spotlight: Reverifying Form I-9s: a How-To All employees hired in the United States must fill out Form I-9 to prove they can legally work [...]

June 2017

Welcome to the June edition of the HR Advisor. As you can see, our monthly newsletter has a new easier-to-read format! This month we cover the important topics of effective meetings, unpaid interns, and state protected classes. Five Tips for Effective Meetings If you want to get a snapshot of your organization’s efficiency and the [...]

April 2017

Spring is here! In this month’s Advisor Newsletter, we feature a guide to drug testing and drug-free workplaces – common concerns with the continuing legalization of marijuana at the state level. We also look at steps you can take to keep your company data and databases secure from cybercriminals. Ever wonder whether you can ban [...]

March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. This month we look at the requirements of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, examine a trendy new employee benefit, and go over the steps to protect your business from an email phishing scam HR Alerts Last spring, the IRS issued a warning about an emerging phishing [...]

February 2017

Welcome to the February edition of the HR Advisor newsletter. This month we cover the ADA interactive process, the new I-9, and why training employees is good for retention. Be sure to check out our featured content this month: a policy change notice you can modify and send to employees whenever you have a change [...]

December 2016

December 2016 The end of the year has arrived. In this Advisor, we review the injunction affecting the FLSA overtime rules, examine various company organizational structures, and provide some tips for holding holiday parties. HR Alerts Federal Overtime Rules on Hold Tuesday afternoon, a federal judge for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District [...]

November 2016

November is here and the new FLSA White Collar Exemption rules are right around the corner. With these important changes only a month away, we know you’re likely concerned and have questions, so we’re devoting this Advisor newsletter to the new rules and what they mean for your organization. HR Alerts Most states provide protected [...]

October 2016

Welcome to the October edition of the HR Advisor. This month we have articles on performance management and office donation drives. We also cover what at-will employment means and doesn’t mean. For our Tool of the Month, we’re featuring our new job posting template. HR Alerts The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved [...]

September 2016

Welcome to the September HR Advisor newsletter. This month we have an article that tackles the increasingly common issue of political discussions in the workplace. We also walk you through the basics of progressive discipline and give you a reminder about upcoming EEO-1 reporting.